NHSC's Got Talent Contest!

Thanks to every one for coming out to support our local talent! Thanks to every participant and volunteer for another great year of talent! See you next year!!

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner - Ally Ellenberger! 

Congratulations to our 2nd Place Winners

Lauren Knowles

Kayla & Jenna


Finale Performers

  • Cara Szeles

  • Ally Ellenberger

  • Rainbow & Ruby

  • Lauren Knowles

  • Kayla & Jenna

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Congratulations to the Wild Card Night Winner!

Judge's Choice: Ally Ellenberger

Congratulations to Week 4 Winners!

Judge's Choice: Cara Szeles

Judge's Runner-Up: Taylor Kochan & Ally Ellenberger

People's Choice: BLISTER

Congratulations to Week 3 Winners!

Judge's Choice: Lauren Knowles

Judge's Runner-Up: Moriah Murray

People's Choice: Abigail Milone

Congratulations to Week 2 Winners!

Judge's Choice: Jenna & Kayla

Judge's Runner-Up: Corrine Kopytowski

People's Choice: Jenna & Kayla

People's Choice Runner-Up: Amber Pallas


Congratulations to Week 1 Winners!

Judge's Choice: Rainbow & Ruby

Judge's Runner-Up: Emma Hullar

People's Choice: Charles Sherman


Thank you to all the participants this year! We had an excellent group of talent. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

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